2015 Installation

On Friday, December 12, 2014, the Lodge of Research of New Mexico met for a Special Communication hosted by Sandia Mountain Lodge No. 72. The lodge was opened at 5:30 pm by the Senior Warden, WB Tyler Anderson and assigned members of the Lodge of Research. After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and a moment of silence for first responders and our military, it was reported that RWB Ron Holloway was unable to attend due to illness. He wishes us well and hopes to be at the February meeting.

While open for business, the Lodge welcomed our newest member WB Bob Clark and installed WB Phil Houtz as Treasurer as he had previous obligations for the evening. The Lodge went to Refreshment at 6:00pm and the Brethren, Associate Members and guest enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and fraternity.

The Lodge was re-convened to install the incoming officers for 2015 by WB Jonathan Andrews, the Installing Master, RWB Gary Baker as Installing Marshal, Bro. Shawn Medlock as Installing Chaplain. Thank you to Bro. Jaime Reynoso and Mrs. Michele Balke for taking pictures (see below).

At the conclusion of the installation, WM Tyler Anderson introduced the Installation Team, Sitting Masters, Past Grand Masters, and Grand Lodge Officers ending with RWB Adam Hathaway, SGD being introduced and welcomed to his Lodge.

WM Tyler Anderson then gave a talk about our coming year, and thanked everyone for coming out this evening to share the experience.

With 16 Members, 1 Associate Member, and 8 Guests in attendance, the Lodge was closed without form and we are looking forward to a fun and productive year!

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2012 June Communication

On Saturday, June 9, 2012, the Lodge of Research of New Mexico met at the Mesa Charities Building in Albuquerque to conduct the second regular communication of the Lodge for 2012.

WB Leo Cromer, RWB John Holland, WB Rob Paixao, and WB Larry German provided a wonderful spaghetti and fried chicken lunch starting at noon.  The proceeds over expenses of this lunch go to The Scottish Rite Foundation in support of the Children's Dyslexia Clinics in New Mexico; and the left-overs went to help a shelter.

Bro. Jay Williams, Ph.D. gave a presentation: Hidden Mysteries of the Staircase Lecture to an audience of 12 members, 1 associate member, and 3 guests.

The Lodge was opened in due form on the third degree and regular business was transacted including deciding to order shirts, follow up on ordering lapel pins, and setting our next two meetings.  Minutes will be posted after passed by the Lodge.

Welcome to new members Bro. Chris Anderson of Bethesda Lodge and WB David Goldston of Tucumcari Lodge!

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2012 February Communication

On Saturday, February 18, 2012, the Lodge of Research met for its first regular communication of 2012.

WB Leo Cromer led a Mesa Lodge kitchen crew in bringing us a great breakfast which allowed the Lodge of Research to raise $448.00, of which $334.00 was donated to The Scottish Rite Foundation in support of the Children's Dyslexia Clinics in New Mexico.

Bro. Alex Cosby of Temple Lodge No. 6 presented "A Masonic Tour of the Lothians" to the audience of 20+ Masons and guests after opening the Lodge in due form on the third degree and going to Refreshment.

Welcome to new members Bro. Jaime Reynosos of Sandia Mountain Lodge and MWB G. Wayne Morrison of Animas Lodge!

See the pictures below and the approved minutes (for Registered Users) attached at the bottom of this article:

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