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Dear Interested Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in our Lodge. Our purpose is to promote, encourage, conduct, and foster Masonic research and study to spread Masonic Light and knowledge. We use several tools to act upon this purpose such as providing both “tyled” (only for Masonic Brethren) and public presentations, published works, and web articles; and by working with the Regular Lodges to bring their presenters and researchers in front of our membership and other Lodges.

As a Masonic organization, we are bound to keep appropriate information about the fraternity unpublished and we do. This does not prohibit us from sharing anything that is not “Tyled”. We therefore have organized this Lodge of Research to be able to include anyone interested in working toward our purpose to at least some degree. Below please find an explanation of the different membership types and what they offer to the members. 

Associate Member

An Associate Membership in the Lodge of Research entitles you to a copy of any (non-tyled) publication of the Lodge published during a year in which you are an Associate Member, correspondence regarding any presentations to the email registered with the Lodge, Associate access to the website (no “tyled” information), and the ability to register with the Lodge of Research as a presenter. (Constituent Lodges within the Grand Jurisdiction of New Mexico that become an Associate Member as a Lodge will receive any “tyled” publications, and may choose one “presenter” to be registered from their Lodge.)

Active Member

An Active Membership in the Lodge of Research entitles you to all privileges of an Associate Member and a vote in Lodge business, the ability to become an Officer of the Lodge, and the ability to access ALL documents published by the Lodge during any year in which you are a Member in good standing. (This Membership REQUIRES the Petitioner is a Master Mason in good standing within the Jurisdiction of New Mexico).

To become an Active Member, please include a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) with your petition. A CGS is included as a part of this petition on the final page for your convenience (or you may copy your current dues card if you are present at a communication when presenting your petition. On the same page, please find space to inform us of Masonic Offices and Membership you have previously or currently fill.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Fraternally and Sincerely,
The Lodge of New Mexico Officers and Members

Download this file (lodgepetitionweb.pdf)Fillable Petition for Membership[Downloadable PDF]127 kB